Chocolate Arts – Vancouver

Chocolate Arts is a Vancouver based chocolatier 🍁. They produce handmade chocolate made from fine chocolate & local ingredients.

I’ve ordered chocolates from here several times, usually picking up chocolate truffles, bon bons and infused bars. Everything I’ve had so far has been exceptional. This time I decided to try one of their chocolate bars.

I went with the Allure 71.1%. This bar was carefully crafted by Chocolate Arts owner Greg Hook along with experts from Cocoa Barry. This bar contains beans from several regions that combine to create the perfect blend of flavors. 



This bar contains beans from Mexico, Dominican, and Peru.


20170608_191929.jpgThe chocolate begins with a slow melt followed shortly by vibrant fruity flavors. The flavor is complex, blending fruity notes beautifully with the flavor of bitter dark cocoa.



This bar is very unique. At ~71% bars this dark usually do not have such a pronounced flavor, the dark bitter notes usually overwhelm the fruity/nutty flavors. The fruity notes in combination with the smooth dark cocoa was very interesting. 

Rating: 95/100

Easily one of the best bars I’ve had. I don’t think I’ve had a bar like this one before. The chocolate is not as bitter as traditional bars in the range, where bars around 70% are usually more bitter or astringent; This bar is well balanced.

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