Organic Fair Chocolate

20170403_192158Last time that I had this brand was several years ago. I picked up a couple bars thinking they were very unique and interesting flavors.. they weren’t bad, but nothing really stood out.

The flavors that I picked up in the past were mixed nuts and fruit bars. This time I went with simpler chocolates. I picked up coconut + 60% dark, and a plain dark bar 83%.



20170403_191805The first bar is the coconut and dark chocolate. This blend is pretty common especially for vegan chocolates that want to simulate the creaminess of a milk chocolate. The coconut milk in my opinion is much better than milk chocolate, this of course depends on the bar.

Tasting ~

The chocolate begins to melt quickly. The texture is soft. The chocolate flavor is there with a hint of coconut. 



20170403_191753This bar is a 83% dark chocolate. Nothing too special here. This the label reads “serious dark chocolate”. 


Tasting ~

A mild cocoa flavor with slight bitterness. The chocolate is dense and melts slowly. The chocolate ends with a lasting cocoa flavor on the palate. 



These bars were okay, nothing special. The coconut bar was good but not as good as the other coconut bars I’ve had, the chocolate overpowered the coconut so you could barely tell it was there. 

The dark chocolate bar was like any other generic dark chocolate bar you would find. The chocolate flavor was pretty one dimensional. 

Rating: 65/100

Recommended? No

Edible but not recommended. It’s not the worst chocolate I’ve had, buts its nothing special.

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