Fine Chocolate – Whole Foods

So I decided to a pay a visit to Whole Foods to check their chocolate offering. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited here in search of fine chocolate.

I was a bit upset with what they had. I went expecting to pick up something from my favorite chocolatiers: TCHO, Taza and several others but none were found. Appears that Whole Foods has stopped importing these probably due to the low Canadian dollar :(.

I had to settle, I decided on three bars. The first brand, Organic Fair, which is not new to me. I’ve had their chocolate before and was disappointed in the quality. I decided to give them another chance by trying some of their other chocolates. This time I went with  their ‘COCO-MILK’ and ‘FORTE’. Both new to me. Let’s see if they have improved.


The other bar I came across is from Galerie Au Chocolat. From Montreal! 🍁 I’ve always seen these but never tried them due to their packaging. I know.. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but if you saw these you might assume I got them from the dollar store. Today I’ll give them a shot, lets see how they fare.


I’ll be reviewing the cinnamon bar now. The other two bars will be covered in the next blog post.


Cinnamon – 72% dark


cinnamon dark – 72%

I picked this one up because I love cinnamon. Cinnamon rolled churros, cinnamon tea, etc. Cant get enough of the stuff. This bar is also dark, 72%. I expect the flavor here to be subtle with a hint of cinnamon.


Tasting ~

Rich dark chocolate fills the palate. As the chocolate melts you begin to taste hints of cinnamon. As it dissolves further the cinnamon powder becomes noticeable adding a significant texture to the chocolate. The chocolate ends leaving you with a robust cinnamon taste  and smooth dark chocolate.



20170402_121853Yeah.. I regret not trying this bar before. It was great, they should definitely improve on their packaging though.

I’ve had chocolate with cinnamon before, but this was the first dark blend. I don’t usually expect much from dark blends since the dark usually overpowers the flavor and does not usually bring out the flavors as well as a milk(~40-55%). This bar at 72% is well composed. The dark chocolate was strong but still allowed for the cinnamon to come through beautifully.

Rating: 78/100

Recommended? Yes

Definitely a bar worth trying. This bar actually reminded of my favorite Taza cinnamon chocolate which helps fill the void Whole Foods now has.

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Thanks for reading.


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