SOMA – 3.26.2017

Let’s take a look at some other forms of chocolate. Here I have two white chocolates, one containing mango + spices and the other, blood orange + carrot. Made in Canada, by SOMA :).

SOMA is a small chocolate shop that produces amazing bean to bar chocolate in Toronto’s distillery district. They’ve won several awards for their dark chocolate bars and other creations. While I was considering reviewing some of their dark chocolate, I instead decided to try out a few of their more recent chocolates. Being that I live close to Toronto you will be seeing more of their creations in the future.

The purpose behind this chocolate is not to showcase the cocoa but rather to create a blend of flavors that mix deliciously with the cocoa butter.

Let’s start with the bar.

Mango Chili Bar


I love fresh mango. This bar contains so much mango, more than cocoa contents itself! The cocoa content(which is just cocoa butter) still adds a creamy and smooth texture to the chocolate.

I’ve never had mango with chili and lime before, but this seems to have added more depth to the mango with the chili adding a nice kick.

Tasting ~

As you place a piece on your tongue the chocolate begins to melt easily. Starting with a subtle kick of chili. Strong flavors of mango and spices come through. The texture is dense & creamy. The flavor ends with smooth mango.

Carrot & Blood Orange Cone

20170326_115323This chocolate also has a high carrot and orange content. I’m not a fan of carrots, but I do love citrus fruits and blood oranges in particular. 

Tasting ~

The first most prominent flavor to come through is carrot. The carrot and blood orange come together to create a flavor that almost tastes like honey. Ends with a well rounded flavor. Not too sweet, well balanced. 


This is not the first time I have had white chocolates with fruits. My first was from Zotter Chocolate from Austria. With blends of banana and coconut. Those were magnificent. This reminded me of those. The flavors here were well balanced not too sweet and really brought out the best of the produce.  I really enjoyed these.

Rating: 92/100

Recommended? Yes

If you enjoy white chocolate with mixed flavors then I’d highly recommend these. These are remarkable chocolates and SOMA has done a wonderful job with the blending of spices and flavors. 

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Thanks for reading.


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