This is the last box in the series of chocolate from Paris’s La Maison Du Chocolat. This box contains 5 different bon bons, each with complex and interesting flavors. I’ve saved the most unique for last. This box will show you how creative chocolatiers can be, and how simple changes to a bon bon can create very different and interesting experiences.


bon bon – sliced

The name of this box is Envol. The chocolatier behind this box, Nicolas Cloiseau has created something special. Nothing I’ve really seen before, in bon bons that is. His goal for this box was to create light and airy chocolate. He achieves this by whipping the ganache so that air bubbles develop, creating a very light and bubbly ganache. You can notice the visible difference easily in the picture of the sliced bon bon. Note how in my previous post the ganache was smooth with no texture.

Let’s begin.

Fleeting Noir


The Fleeting Noir is a dark chocolate bon bon without cream. It is pure dark chocolate in a cube with pockets of air to keep it light.

Tasting ~

I’m a quite surprised with this one. Its a dark chocolate bon bon without cream, but it is not too bitter or heavy. It appears that whipping the chocolate gives more than just texture, it creates a flavor that is more subtle and sweet.

Absolute Raspberry


This bon bon is mixed with a raspberry puree and dark chocolate ganache. Covered in dark chocolate.

Tasting ~

Unlike the emotion chocolate the raspberry in this is not strong. This may also be due to the light fluffy ganache. The raspberry and chocolate flavors appear to be competing and neither of them stand out.

Puff of Lemon


Puff of Lemon is a bon bon filled with a lemon infused dark ganache with lemon and lime zest.

Tasting ~

I noticed that even though this bon bon had similar air bubbles to the others, the melt was much slower. The lemon with its zest appear to have added weight to the ganache causing the ganache to feel heavy. The lemon does not come through, almost as if it were an after taste.

A Burst of Praliné

Untitled4A burst of praliné is the most unique in this box so far. It features the same bubbly texture as the others, but also contains slivers of caramelized almonds and hazelnuts mixed with a milk chocolate ganache. Covered in dark chocolate.

Tasting ~

I really enjoy a good texture in chocolate, this one is very unique. The chocolate is so light, mixing it with thin but crunchy praline is magnificent. The chocolate starts off crisp and airy but then melts elegantly onto the palate. The flavor is nutty and sweet, strong flavors of caramelized nuts comes through vividly.

Creamy Lait

Untitled5This is our last bon bon for this box. It is a milk chocolate with a bubbly texture. 

Tasting ~

Just like the Puff of Lemon, I found the ganache to bit a bit heavy compared to the rest. This is probably due to the milk ingredients in the ganache. I did not find the bubbly texture to be as noticeable as the others. This bon bon is also much sweeter than the others, I’m aware its a milk chocolate but the sugar overpowers the chocolate a bit too much.

Review ~

This was a interesting box to open. I’ll be honest, I did not like most of the chocolates in this box. Not because they were not good chocolates but because of the contrast between the ones I enjoyed and the ones I did not. Fleeting Noir and A Burst of Praliné were amazing chocolates. Those two are the highlights of this box. As for the others.. they were not bad but failed to compare. My rating for this and all other boxes in the future will be based on the best chocolates in the box and not average of them. I prefer it this way so that you do not miss out on the hidden gems that are in these boxes that may be overlooked due to a lower rating.

Rating: 88/100

Recommended? Yes.

Alright, so I said I didn’t like most and then I said I recommended it. This was a tough choice. If you could pick the best à la carte then you should go with two that I mentioned. If you cannot, then I’d recommend the whole box. The other chocolates are good, but the two I recommended are exceptional. They carried the weight in my decision.

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Thanks for reading.


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