bon bon – sliced

The next item in the french series is bon bons. If you’re unfamiliar, a bon bon is filled with chocolate that is mixed with heavy cream. This mixture is called a ganache. The ganache is then enrobed with tempered chocolate which creates a thin crisp shell. This is my favorite form of chocolate. Bon bons allow the chocolatier to express their creativity as the ganache can be mixed and flavored in many unique ways.

I have two different boxes of bon bons in this series. The first box I am about to share with you in this post is a simpler form.

In most cases when you get a box of bon bons it contains a variety. This box of chocolate contains 4 different varieties of which I will provide a tasting of, and end with an overall review.

The name of this box is ‘Emotion Chocolat – Fruit’. I’ll begin with the Andalousie.




The Andalousie is filled with a dark ganache infused with lemon zest and lemon cream. The bon bon is covered in a layer of dark chocolate.

Tasting ~

Let me start by saying, bon bons are very different than pure dark chocolate bars. As you’ll see relative to my review of the dark chocolate bar, their flavors are more obvious, intentionally. Bon bons are designed to excite the palate, where the chocolate is used as a medium to blend exotic flavors and is therefore not always the focus.

This bon bon though, has a mild lemon taste. The chocolate overwhelms the lemon. Lemon zest is found, adding texture to the ganache.



2017-03-16_18.35.18Next is the Salvador. This bon bon is filled with a dark ganache, mixed with a blend of raspberry pulp. Covered in a layer of dark chocolate.

Tasting ~

This bon bon has a sharp rasberry taste. Right as you bite into it the flavor of raspberry overwhelms the palate. Almost as if I were eating a bowl of raspberries!




Chiberta is our next bon bon. This one is filled with a dark ganache. Similar to the Andalousie, the ganache contains orange zest and orange cream. Covered in dark chocolate.

Tasting ~

This bon bon has a mild orange flavor. Similar to the Andalousie, it also contains orange zest pieces that add to the texture.




Maracuja is our last bon bon for this box. Filled with a dark ganache, combined with fresh passion fruit juice and pulp. Covered in dark chocolate.

Tasting ~

Like the Salvador, this has a very strong flavor within the first bite. The passion fruit flavor is vibrant and smooth.


Review ~

You might assume this being a fruity box of chocolates it must be overwhelmingly sweet, it’s not. A good chocolatier should not have to add much sugar to bring out the flavors. This box is a great example of that. This being a box of bon bons that are entirely dark makes this an even greater achievement.

Sure, the lemon and orange were not too strong. I’ve found that citrus flavors are harder to bring out, especially with dark chocolates. These bon bons did very well considering. As someone who loves citrus fruits, finding dark chocolates that incorporate them well is quite difficult.

Overall I really enjoyed this box.

I was planning on using different scoring systems but I think I’m going to keep it simple. A simple scoring from 0-100, a yes or no recommendation and end with a description of the reason. I’m keeping the rating since it will be a useful tool in comparing different chocolates.

Rating: 85/100

Recommended? Yes.

I really enjoyed this box. I love when chocolate is mixed well with fruity flavors. The raspberry and passion fruit were my favorites. If you enjoy fruity flavors with chocolate, this is highly recommended.

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Thanks for reading.






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