CUANA BAR 74% – Dark


Cuana Bar – 74%

Lets start with something simple, clean. A bar made from 74% pure chocolate.

A great chocolate bar can only be made with the finest cocoa beans. This bar contains a blend of 4 different beans from Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. I personally prefer single origin bars, but in this case I went for something different and was not disappointed.

Tasting ~

For a bar with high cocoa content it is surprisingly smooth and not dry. The chocolate begins melting with a slight bitterness. Flavors of caramel and vanilla become more pronounced as the chocolate dissolves. As this is a bar with several beans, the flavor profile is quite complex, but well balanced.

Review ~



Overall this bar was great. This bar is a wonderful blend of a variety of beans. It’s not too bitter, and has a creamy texture.

As this is my first review I will introduce my rating system for chocolates. I’d like this system to be useful to you, hopefully as a guide to help you decide if you would be interested in ordering this chocolate for yourself in the future.

Scoring will be the same for all dark chocolates. I will have separate scoring for other chocolates, white and mixed/blended flavors.


7/10 – Flavor profile

9/10 – Texture

Overall: 8/10

Recommended? No.

Based on my score this is a very well rounded dark bar. The reason I do not recommend the bar is mainly due to how similar it is to many dark bars that are already out there. There’s also a slight bias as I favor single origin and enjoy the flavor from those bars much more.  The profile from this bar is a bit too generic, not bad, but too similar to warrant a higher score.

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Thanks for reading.


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